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        Twins Stills Moonshine


        If you are in Montauk go to Whites liquor store for a free taste of our Apple Pie and Coffee Moonshine.


        We are now serving a new cocktail in our tasting room. It is called "The Alabama" Which is, drizzled caramel sauce on the inside of a glass, Apple Pie Moonshine and a topper of Pumpkin Spice Moonshine, OMG delicious!!!  


       The new batch of whiskey aged in White American oak and coconut is bottled and on the shelf. It is so good that we sold our last batch in five days last! For those of you that have not had the pleasure of enjoying this unique flavor,come in for a taste.


       We are happy to say the our product is now being sold in 3 different liquor stores. 

Michael liquors  Main St. Riverbead N.Y.

Main St. Wine and Liquor W. Main St. Bayshore N.Y.

Roanoke Plaza Liquors Rte. 58 Riverhead N.Y.

       Also, Seaside bar and grill  Main St. Riverhead and Perabell in Riverhead and Patchogue are now serving cocktails at their bar


            We are featuring local beer from Greenport Brewery and Barrier Brewing.As well as a new brewery that just opened in Holbrook called 1940's brewery. Really good beer! 




The Tasting Room Music for September 

Friday - September 2-Bryan Gallo 5-8

Saturday- September 3 - Bryan Gallo 3- 6

Sunday  - September 4- Nina from ET-Ct ERA 2-5

Saturday -  September 10 - Chris Connolly 3-6

Sunday - September 11 -  Philip from Rhythm Kings 2-5

Saturday - September 17 - Bryan Gallo  3-6

Sunday - September 18 - The Rhythm Kings - 2-5

Saturday - September 24 Bryan Gallo 3-6

​Sunday - September 25 Kaitlyn Albert - 2-5 

You can see these talented artist sing on Facebook and utube 


The tasting room hours 

Sunday 12 - 6​   

Monday 2-6

Thursday 2-6

Friday 2-8

Saturday 12-6

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​Long Island o'Oldtymer


Twin Stills Moonshine in Riverhead